Tuesday, June 6, 2017

EDU 6150 - General Inguiry, Teaching and Assessment Methods: Lesson Plan

I feel as if I've learned to successfully write a lesson plan. One that is thought out, makes sense, and helps keep students engaged from one activity to the next. The lesson has a central focus that relates back to the Standard with appropriate academic language and learning targets.

This assignment was time consuming but also something I really enjoyed. It helped me to visualize everything that would be happening in my classroom: what would be projected, what would be discussed, where would I be standing at certain times, how would students interact and participate. It helped grow my excitement at the thought of having my own classroom. I learned that I need to have back up plans and ways to help exceptional students succeed as well as general education students. I need to be ready to make adjustments in the moment and be ready for whatever might come up, whether that be discussion topics, less time than I thought I might have due to interruptions (fire drill, more questions than anticipated through discussion), or students that need to learn in a different environment or setting. Building this lesson plan has helped me appreciate what good teachers do "behind the scenes" and the time they put forth in their lessons. It's also helped me realize how important it is to plan and be prepared to teach, be prepared to be in front of a class and manage a classroom. Not until I wrote this lesson, did I realize that there's more to a plan than instruction. I'll need to be able to manage a classroom while also keeping students engaged and focused. I'll need to be able to make the most of the time I have with my students so they get the education they need and deserve.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

EDSP 6644 Education Exceptional Students - Lesson Plan

Below is a lesson plan, catered to a student who may be suffering with ADHD. I think it's important for these students to feel included and a part of the class. Students suffering with ADHD may have a hard time staying focused and on task, they may also become fidgety if they have to sit for too long. To accommodate this, I've modified a lesson during a literature unit to have the students work with partners or in groups. The ADHD student will work specifically with other students that are great at staying on topic and remaining focused. Vocabulary will also be discussed and the ADHD student will get the chance to move around when a scribe is needed to write words and definitions on the board. This will also help them retain what is being taught and be included in the discussion.