Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Characteristics of an Effective Educator

When I think about the qualities of an effective educator, I think back to the teachers and professors I've had the privilege of learning from as well as the few things I've learned in just the last couple weeks in the MAT program. First, an effective leader should be very knowledgeable in the field they are teaching, which is pretty obvious. They should have the proper education and certification to not only teach but connect and make the material relevant to the students they are teaching. I also believe there's more to an effective educator than being knowledgeable in the subject they're teaching. I think back to some of the teachers I had that I really enjoyed and still remember specific lessons and assignments. I also think of other teachers where it was quite the opposite and I struggled in their class as we read from textbooks and lectured the whole time. The successful teacher/professors were personable, approachable, gave the class questions to help us think and come up with our own answers not just what may have been written in the text. As an individual, they had me thinking for myself, even if my thoughts or answers differed from theirs or others in the class. Lastly, they had a passion that, without even knowing it, rubbed off on me and gave me the desire to learn and go to class. I didn't just show up and become another number on their roll, I was present and participated. I feel like that makes for an effective educator, someone that can get their students excited for class, someone who can get their students to participate and really think for themselves all while teaching them and giving them the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

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